What was Lincoln Alexander Quotes Best Known For?

On Sunday, a sculpture honoring Lincoln Alexander, Canada’s inaugural Black Member of Parliament and former lieutenant governor of Ontario, was revealed at Queen’s Park. This statue, crafted by the acclaimed Toronto artist Quentin VerCetty, marks a significant milestone as the first representation of a Black politician within the Ontario Legislature. Born in Toronto, Alexander later served as an MP for a Hamilton constituency for 12 years, from 1968 to 1980.

Lincoln Alexander, often referred to as Linc, was best known for being a trailblazer and a prominent figure in Canadian politics. Here are some key aspects for which Lincoln Alexander is renowned:

  1. First Black Member of Parliament: Lincoln Alexander made history by becoming the first Black Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada. He was elected to the House of Commons in 1968, representing the Hamilton West riding in Ontario. His election marked a significant milestone in Canadian politics and inspired many aspiring politicians from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Lieutenant Governor of Ontario: After his successful tenure as an MP, Alexander served as the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991. He was the first person of African descent to hold this position in Ontario’s history. As Lieutenant Governor, Alexander represented the Queen in the province and performed ceremonial duties, including the opening of the Legislative Assembly and the giving of royal assent to legislation.
  3. Advocate for Racial Equality: Throughout his career, Lincoln Alexander was a vocal advocate for racial equality and social justice. He worked to break down barriers and promote inclusivity in Canadian society. Alexander’s achievements and his role as a prominent Black politician in Canada helped inspire and empower marginalized communities.
  4. Public Service and Community Engagement: Even beyond his political roles, Alexander remained actively involved in public service and community engagement. He served on various boards, including the Ontario Heritage Foundation and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. He also worked as a university chancellor and received numerous honors and awards for his contributions to public life.

Lincoln Alexander’s legacy extends beyond his political achievements. He is remembered as a role model, a champion of diversity, and a symbol of progress in Canadian society. His dedication to public service and his commitment to advocating for racial equality continue to inspire generations of Canadians.

Lincoln Alexander quotes

Here are a few notable quotes from Lincoln Alexander:

  1. “My mother told me I must always be proud, but never arrogant, because arrogance was no substitute for dignity.”
  2. “I came from a background where I believed in hard work and determination. And I believed that if you put effort into something and you continued to persevere, you’d eventually be successful.”
  3. “I refuse to accept that we are not capable of forging a society that is truly equal, truly inclusive, and truly just.”
  4. “You can’t achieve anything if you don’t believe in yourself. You have to believe that you can make a difference and that you can succeed.”
  5. “The best way to get rid of racial prejudices is to know people from other races and to understand their culture and their contribution to society.”
  6. “I think it’s important for young people to understand that they have a responsibility to make a difference in their communities and to stand up for what is right.”
  7. “We all have a role to play in creating a society that is fair, just, and inclusive. It starts with each and every one of us.”

These quotes reflect Lincoln Alexander’s commitment to equality, hard work, perseverance, and the importance of standing up for what is right. His words continue to inspire individuals to strive for a better and more inclusive society.

Inspirational lincoln Alexander Quotes

Here are a few inspirational quotes from Lincoln Alexander:

  1. “I believe in the goodness of people. I believe that people want to do what is right. And I believe that if we work together, we can create a better world.”
  2. “Never underestimate the power of your voice. Your words have the ability to inspire, to uplift, and to create change.”
  3. “Success is not measured by how much you accumulate, but by how much you give back to others.”
  4. “Don’t let anyone define your limits. You have the power to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.”
  5. “Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone. It takes courage to be a voice for change.”
  6. “Your background does not determine your destiny. You have the ability to rise above any circumstances and achieve your dreams.”
  7. “The true measure of a person is not in their wealth or status, but in their character and how they treat others.”

These quotes reflect Lincoln Alexander’s belief in the potential of individuals to make a positive impact, the importance of standing up for justice, and the value of kindness and empathy. They serve as reminders to persevere, embrace one’s unique potential, and work towards a better and more inclusive world.

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