What are some of the most budget-friendly dining options in Quebec City?

Here are some of the best affordable restaurants in Quebec City:

La Petite Boisson: They offer casual French fare and cocktails at affordable prices. Mains are around $15-25. It’s a popular spot, especially with the younger crowd.

Le Saint-Amour: They feature high quality Quebecois cuisine, with mains ranging from $18-34. They have a great lunch menu with mains for $12-18. It’s a great spot for an affordable fine dining experience.

Le Boucan: They specialize in smoked meat, ribs, and other barbecue fare. Plates are generously portioned and priced between $9-22. It’s a casual, no-frills place that is perfect for families or big appetites.

Chez Victor: They’ve been serving burgers, poutine, subs, and greasy spoon fare since the 1950s. Most items on the menu are under $10. It’s an old-school diner perfect for cheap eats.

La Korrigane: They brew their own beer and offer traditional Quebecois comfort fare like tourtiere, poutine, and crepes. Mains run from $10-20. They have a great brunch and lunch menu with meals for under $15.

Le Sainte-Angèle: They offer high quality ingredients and cuisine at very reasonable prices, with most mains between $18-25. They have affordable lunch and brunch menus, as well as a table d’hôte for $32 with appetizer, main and dessert. It’s a great value for the quality.

• Chez Ashton: Open 24 hours, they are known for their poutine, burgers, steaks, and other diner fare. Most items are under $15. It’s an institution open late into the night, perfect for cheap eats anytime.

La Petite Bourgogne: They offer casual French bistro fare with mains $15-30. They have affordable table d’hôte menus for lunch and dinner at $19 and $29. The atmosphere is cozy and laid-back, with live music some nights.

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