West Point Grey Academy: A Leader in Progressive Education

West Point Grey Academy is an independent K-12 school located in Vancouver, British Columbia that provides a progressive and innovative education to students. Founded in 1889, West Point Grey Academy has a long history of adapting to changes in society and education to provide the best learning experience for students.

West Point Grey Academy believes in fostering creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration in their students. Their curriculum focuses on interdisciplinary learning, real-world problem solving, and developing skills that will prepare students for an ever-changing future. Students don’t just memorize facts, they engage in in-depth, hands-on learning across subjects. The school has moved away from traditional disciplines to broader interdisciplinary learning focused on topics like sustainability, social justice and technology.

The middle and upper school programs provide a integrated curriculum where learning happens through real-world projects, community service opportunities, outdoor education, the arts, and more. Students develop their own personal learning plans and passions through mentorship and guidance. The school has an advisory system, where small groups of students in each grade are mentored by a teacher advisor.

At the senior level, students can earn university credits while at West Point Grey through the Advanced Placement program or partnerships with local universities like the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. Students graduate with a combination of evidenced-based assessments, including reflective essays, portfolios and end-of-year presentations to expert panels.

Beyond the classroom, West Point Grey Academy has over 50 co-curricular activities, athletic teams, arts and leadership programs for students to participate in. The school values outdoor education and takes students on outdoor learning trips at every grade level. The school’s sustainability and gardening programs are award-winning.

West Point Grey Academy is a leader in progressive education. Through innovative teaching, mentoring and learning beyond the classroom, students develop into creative, compassionate and engaged citizens. The school prepares students not just for university but for life in an ever-changing world. West Point Grey Academy is shaping leaders of tomorrow through the power of progressive education today.

Here are some of the awards that West Point Grey Academy has won for its sustainability and gardening programs:

• The Green School Award from the U.S. Green Building Council for leadership in sustainability education. West Point Grey students developed and maintain an organic garden, and also initiated a composting program and an energy reduction campaign.

• The BC Green School designation by the Environmental Educators Provincial Specialist Association for excellence in environmental education. West Point Grey Academy has held this designation for over 10 years.

• The Vancity Green Streets Grant for the school’s gardening and urban agriculture program. The grant allowed the school to expand its garden space, add fruit trees, and develop curriculum connecting students to food systems.

• The Whole Kids Foundation School Garden Grant. The grant funded the building of an outdoor classroom space, new gardening beds, and garden-based learning resources.

• The BC Agriculture in the Classroom’s School Vegetable Garden Project grant which helped establish the school’s first garden.

• The Vancouver School Board’s Greenest School award which recognized West Point Grey Academy as having the “greenest” environmental practices among Vancouver schools.

The school’s gardening, composting, and sustainability programs have been widely recognized for innovation and excellence in environmental education. These awards and designations demonstrate West Point Grey Academy’s leadership and commitment to progressive education around sustainability, food systems, and the environment.

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