Upper Canada Forest Products: Sustainable Forestry in Ontario

Upper Canada Forest Products (UCFP) is an Ontario-based forestry company that believes in responsible and sustainable forest management. With timber operations across Northern and Eastern Ontario, UCFP manages over 2 million hectares of forestland. They are committed to forest sustainability and biodiversity protection.

UCFP utilizes selective harvesting in its operations, removing only fully mature and over-mature trees while leaving the rest of the forest intact. This approach allows the forest to maintain its biodiversity and continue to grow, with new saplings replacing the harvested trees. UCFP follows a 100-year sustainability plan for all its forestry operations. For every tree harvested, several new seedlings are planted to ensure the long-term health of the forest.

UCFP is also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning its operations meet the highest environmental and social standards. FSC certification requires protecting wildlife habitat, respecting indigenous rights, and allowing for public input. UCFP sees sustainable forestry as a partnership between environmental, social and economic interests.

An important part of UCFP’s sustainable forestry practices is continuous monitoring and assessment. UCFP utilizes satellite data, drone imagery and ground surveys to gain insights into the health of the forests. By closely tracking factors like disease, new growth, wildlife patterns and climate impacts, UCFP can make evidence-based decisions that help keep the forests thriving. The company also works with indigenous communities, environmental groups and forestry experts to incorporate local knowledge into their management plans.

For UCFP, sustainable forestry is not just an environmental initiative but an economic one as well. By protecting the long-term viability of Ontario’s boreal forests, UCFP is also protecting the forestry industry and the rural communities that depend on it. Responsible resource management and renewable wood supplies are essential for Ontario’s economic development. UCFP aims to demonstrate that environmental sustainability and commercial viability can go hand in hand.

Through selective harvesting, biodiversity protection, continuous monitoring and FSC certification, Upper Canada Forest Products aims to ensure that Ontario’s forests remain healthy and productive for generations to come. Sustainable forestry means balancing environmental, social and economic interests to secure a sustainable wood supply and a prosperous industry over the long run. For UCFP, responsible stewardship is good for both the planet and the bottom line.

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