University of Toronto International Acceptance Rate 2024

The University of Toronto has released its annual report for the 2022-2023 academic year, which provides an overview of the past year’s admissions activities, progress on initiatives, and future goals for the next five years.

 international student acceptance rate

After completing a new round of admissions, the total number of full-time students at the University of Toronto reached 86,297. Let’s focus on the new additions among international students. There was a total increase of 8,629 international students, with 6,565 of them being enrolled in undergraduate programs. Among the international undergraduate students, 47.2% were from China. Additionally, there were 2,064 new international students enrolled in graduate programs, with 53.2% of them being from China. Chinese students have made a significant contribution to the international student admissions at the University of Toronto.

Let’s take a look at the application situation for graduate programs. The University of Toronto receives over 50,000 applications for graduate programs each year, and the application volume for the 2022-2023 academic year is similar to previous years. The university provides some data on the acceptance rates for graduate programs: the overall acceptance rate for research-based master’s and doctoral programs is around 25%. Among them, the acceptance rate for research-based master’s programs is approximately 60%, while the acceptance rate for doctoral programs is approximately 65%. From this data, we can see that there is a greater chance of acceptance for coursework-based master’s programs in the graduate program applications. Importantly, the application difficulty for research-based master’s programs is even higher than that for doctoral programs, so it is advisable to carefully consider whether to pursue a research-based master’s program.

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