Tips For Canadian Family Sponsorship With Marriage History

When applying for family sponsorship immigration to Canada, applicants with a history of marriage need to follow the same process and requirements as in other cases. The first step is to prepare and submit a complete set of application documents to the Federal Migration Office, including proof of a genuine and valid marriage relationship, a marriage certificate, photographs, and other relevant evidence.

During the application process, the sponsor needs to apply for sponsorship status before the sponsored spouse can apply for permanent residence status. The process is divided into two stages: the first stage is for the sponsor to apply for sponsorship status, and the second stage is for the sponsored spouse to apply for permanent status.

If the applicant has a history of marriage, they may face additional questions from immigration officials, especially if they have been married more than once. In this case, it is essential to provide detailed evidence to prove the authenticity of the relationship. This may include a detailed account of the love story, supporting evidence, and addressing the potential concerns of the visa officer.

It’s important to note that Canadian husband and wife family sponsorship requirements are relatively simple, and do not require education, work experience, language ability, or proof of funds. As long as the sponsor has a qualifying guarantee and can prove a genuine spouse relationship, the immigration process can be successful.

Therefore, for applicants with a history of marriage, the key is to provide sufficient evidence that the marriage relationship between them and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is genuine and legal.

In summary, Canadian couples with a history of marriage should prepare and submit application materials according to the standard process, while being prepared to respond to possible challenges by providing sufficient evidence to prove the genuineness of the marriage relationship.

Family Sponsorship Application Process:

  • Stage 1: The guarantor applies for sponsorship status.
  • Stage 2: The sponsored spouse applies for permanent residence status.

Preparing Application Materials: Ensure all necessary documents are completed and submitted to Federal Immigration Canada. The application fee can be paid online or by using an international money order or bank draft.

Review and Approval: Upon receipt of your application materials, Federal Immigration Canada will confirm via AOR. Once the qualification is passed, the application will be forwarded to the immigration office abroad, and a confirmation letter will be sent. Fingerprint entry and immigration physical examinations will be conducted. Background security checks and interview requests may be conducted.

Special Case Treatment: In the case of a second marriage, a strategic approach should be taken when answering questions from immigration prosecutors.

Matters Needing Attention: Provide genuine proof of marital relationship. Maintain good communication with the immigration department. Comply with relevant rules and procedures.

Time Cycle: The application process for Family Sponsorship is expected to take about 12 months.

Conditions and Requirements: No education, work experience, language skills, or financial proof is required. Proving a genuine and valid marriage relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is necessary.

How Much For Family Sponsorship Application

Application fee
Sponsor Application (Principal Applicant) : $475
Principal Claim (Sponsor) : $75
Unmarried children (children under the age of 19) : $75
Sponsor (spouse or sponsor’s children over 22 years old) : $550
Immigration class fees
Spouse to add category
Application fee: $550
PR fee: $490
Biometrics fee: $85 ($85 for biometrics)
Family reunion category
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner: $570
Accompanying children: $155
Policy changes and adjustments
Additional cost
Principal Applicant application fee increased to $825
The application fee for spouses and domestic partners is increased to $825
The application fee for accompanying children is increased to $225
Entry fee is $500 per person

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