Christian-Friendly Provinces in Canada: Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia

Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia are three of the best provinces in Canada for Christians. All three provinces have thriving Christian communities and strong protections for religious freedoms enshrined in their laws.

Ontario is home to Canada’s largest Christian population. It is a diverse province, but around 60% of Ontarians identify as Christian. Many major denominations have a strong presence including Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican, and Presbyterian churches. Several reputable Christian universities are located in Ontario including Tyndale University and Redeemer University College. The province passed legislation prohibiting discrimination based on creed, ensuring Ontarians can practice their faith freely without repression.

Alberta has a high percentage of evangelical Christians and is sometimes called the “Bible Belt” of Canada. Nearly 70% of Albertans identify as Christian. Conservative denominations like Christian and Missionary Alliance, Evangelical Free Church, and Salvation Army have their national headquarters in Alberta. Homeschooling is legal and popular in Alberta, allowing Christian families to educate their children according to their faith. Alberta’s human rights code protects religious freedom and prohibits discrimination against Christians.

British Columbia is a Western province with stunning scenery and around 55% of residents identifying as Christian. It has large Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, and Baptist populations as well as growing evangelical churches. BC’s laws protect religious expression and belief in its human rights code. While the province is culturally progressive, Christians can practice their faith freely without legal trouble. Some Christian camps, seminaries, and universities operate in BC including Lutheran Weekend College and Trinity Western University.

With constitutional guarantees of religious freedom, general social acceptance of Christianity, and laws protecting believers from discrimination, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia provide welcoming environments for Christians seeking community and opportunity. While not explicitly Christian provinces, they foster religious liberty and diversity where people of faith can thrive.

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