The Pristine Beauty of Emerald Lake in Ontario

One of the most scenic spots for outdoor recreation in Ontario is Emerald Lake Provincial Park, located in the rugged backcountry of the Canadian Shield near the town of Field. The park is centered around its namesake, Emerald Lake, a shimmering jewel-toned lake surrounded by dense forest and granite cliffs.

Emerald Lake gets its vivid green color from light reflecting off calcite deposits in the water. The greenish tint seems to glow even more brightly against the backdrop of dark pines and grey rocky shoreline. The lake is a scenic spot for canoeing in the summer, with two portages connecting it to smaller lakes hidden within the wilderness.

For hiking, there are several trails to explore around Emerald Lake. The easy Emerald Lake Loop trail circles the lake, covering 3.5 kilometers. It passes by a small picnic area with benches overlooking the lake, which is an ideal spot to stop for lunch. A more challenging hike is the 6 kilometer Emerald Peak trail, which leads to a panoramic view of the lake from the top of a granite ridge.

In winter, Emerald Lake becomes a snowy paradise perfect for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and winter camping. When the lake freezes over, it creates a glistening ice surface over a meter thick. You can go for skates and glide over the smooth ice with the snow-dusted pines reflecting onto the surface below. The snowshoe trails around the lake lead to secluded spots in the winter wilderness.

The park has a beautiful lodge located right on the shores of Emerald Lake, which provides accommodation year-round. The Emerald Lake Lodge was built in 1902 and has a rustic log-cabin style with timber beams, stone fireplaces and lakeside cottages. The lodge also has a full-service restaurant and lounge which overlooks the lake.

No matter what the season, Emerald Lake Provincial Park is worth exploring for its scenic natural surroundings. The brilliance of the emerald green waters combined with the fresh alpine air and backdrop of the Canadian wilderness make it a place of peaceful beauty. It’s the perfect escape for a weekend getaway immersed in nature. Whether paddling on the lake in summer, hiking the trails in fall, or snowshoeing in the winter, the park offers year-round recreational opportunities set amidst a pristine natural setting. The scenic splendor of Emerald Lake is a symbol of the ecological wonders found in Ontario’s provincial parks.

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