The Hot Seat: Fire Station Field Trip Teaching Resources in Canada

A field trip to a local fire station can be an exciting and educational experience for students of all ages. Firefighters and paramedics are important community helpers, and a visit to their station is a great way for students to learn more about fire safety, firefighting equipment, emergency response vehicles, and more.

If you’re planning a field trip to a fire station in Canada, here are some excellent free teaching resources to help you make the most of the experience:

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services Education Resources – Edmonton Fire Rescue provides lesson plans and activity guides for students in kindergarten through grade 6. Resources include coloring pages, workbooks, videos and interactive activities. Topics cover fire safety, firefighting careers, emergency preparedness and more. The materials teach students about fire hazards, creating escape plans, calling 911, and other important lessons.

City of Toronto Fire Education Lesson Plans – The Toronto Fire Services website offers lesson plans tailored to grades 1 through 8. The plans cover topics such as fire safety, fire hazards, escape planning, smoke alarms, and firefighting as a career. Each lesson comes with worksheets, activities and discussion questions. The site also has helpful resources for teachers to prepare for a station field trip.

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Field Trip Guide – Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency provides an excellent curriculum guide for educators taking students in grades primary to 6 on a field trip to their local fire station. The guide includes pre-visit activities, discussion points for during the visit, and post-visit assignments to help students reflect on what they learned. Topics span fire safety, firefighting equipment, fire prevention, and emergency response.

Regina Fire & Protective Services School Programs – Regina Fire & Protective Services in Saskatchewan offers free programming for grades K through 6, including station tours, presentations, and week-long programs. Their website has helpful resources for teachers to prepare students for a visit, including activity guides, videos, coloring sheets, and badges that students can earn by completing fire safety lessons.

Let’s Learn About Fire Safety! – This resource from FireSafe Canada provides interactive activities, games, videos and other tools to teach kids about fire safety and emergency preparedness. While not specific to a station visit, these resources complement what students will learn on their field trip. Targeted at grades 1 through 6, the site covers topics like crawl low in smoke, evacuating buildings, preventing kitchen fires, and creating a family escape plan.

With the helpful teaching materials, activities and lesson plans provided by fire departments and organizations across Canada, you can make the most of your class field trip to the fire station. Students will learn important life skills and discover what it’s like to be a firefighter, while having an exciting adventure visiting these community heroes.

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