Step By Step Fill IMM 5257E

Note: Good to prepare a translate application for your own language. In order to understand well about the form! Google translate online is a good one.

Complete the ‘Application for Temporary Resident Visa‘ (IMM 5257E) for applying for Canadian visas, including tourism, business, and visiting purposes. Each applicant and accompanying child must fill out an individual application form.

Application for Temporary Resident Visa (IMM5257E)

UCI obtain: Abbreviation for Unique Client Identifier, which is a unique identification number assigned by the electronic system of the Canadian Immigration Department to applicants submitting any application for the first time. All subsequent documents and applications from the applicant will be associated with this UCI. The UCI consists of eight digits arranged in the format (Example: 0000-0000). Each applicant will be assigned a UCI number after obtaining a visa. There is no UCI number for the first-time application for a Canadian visa, so you can write ‘N/A’ in that field. If the online application does not accept ‘N/A,’ you can leave it blank.

I want service in: This refers to the language preference for the service you require. You can choose the language you need to fill in. Options with a blue arrow indicate selectable choices. If you are fluent in French, you can select French.”

Visa Requested: just choose Visitor Visa.
First Name and Given Name: Case sensitive
Sex: gender, female or male. time is change, we have “other” gender except male and female.
Date of birth: date of birth. YYYY: year MM: month DD: day.
Place of birth city/town Country or Territory : case sensitive

Citizenship: Citizenship, for example, select “Russia”

Current country of residence, Country or Territory,

Status: choose“Citizen” you dont need to fill the rest “other” and “”from.

Previous countries or territory of residence: many people 这里如果你去其它国家超过6个月就要如实填写。好多人有出去国外旅游。这个如果你没有超过六个月就不用填写。注意是以6个月为限。一般没人出去旅游6个月吧 Country of Territory where applying不需要填写

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