NHL Team Nicknames In Alphabetical Order

The NHL has a long and storied history, and with each of its 24 teams comes an iconic nickname. From the Anaheim Ducks to the Vegas Golden Knights, these nicknames represent tradition, grit, and the spirit of the game.

Let’s start at the top of the alphabetical order with the Anaheim Ducks, formerly the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. They got their start as a Disney-fueled underdog story before becoming a perennial playoff contender. The Ducks are mighty indeed.

The Arizona Coyotes were once the Phoenix Coyotes, though their nickname has remained the same. They prowl the desert looking to snag some points in the standings. The Atlantic Division has the Boston Bruins, who proudly wear the spoked B on their jersey as a symbol of Boston pride and toughness.

In Buffalo, the Sabres cut through opponents like a razor. They have some of the most loyal fans in the NHL despite decades of struggle. The Calgary Flames represent the fiery spirit of the city, as do the Edmonton Oilers, who dominated the rivalry in the 1980s.

The Carolina Hurricanes bring hurricanes of offense and mayhem to their opponents. In Chicago, the Blackhawks soar like the bird they’re named after. Colorado Avalanche games are a real avalanche of action in the mile-high city.

The Columbus Blue Jackets still seek their first playoff series win in franchise history. In Dallas, the Stars shine brightly on and off the ice. In Detroit, the Red Wings’ Wings represent the city’s history as the “Motor City.” The Florida Panthers prowl and pounce on their prey.

Across the NHL, these nicknames represent the heritage, drive, and heart of each team. From the NY Islanders to the Vegas Golden Knights and every name in between, these nicknames bring character and color to the greatest sport in the world. Though on the ice the competition is fierce, off the ice these nicknames unite their teams and their fans under the same banner of hockey pride.

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