Latest Oinp Draw 2024 International Students Stream

Ontario has expanded its Employer Job Offer: International Student stream to include students who have completed a one-year college graduate certificate. Oinp Draw 2024: This change came into effect on January 1st, 2024, and allows applicants of any one-year college program that grants an Ontario College Graduate Certificate to qualify for the program. The OINP Employer Job Offer: International Student stream provides a pathway for international students with a job offer in an eligible skilled occupation in Ontario to obtain permanent residence, so-called Oinp Draw 2024.

To be eligible, candidates must prove they have obtained one of the following eligible credentials: an undergraduate degree or diploma, a graduate degree or diploma, a college graduate certificate, or a university graduate certificate. More than half of an applicant’s studies must have been completed at an eligible Canadian institution while living and studying in Canada.

What is the OINP Employer Job Offer

Applicants must also have an approved full-time job offer, hold mandatory licensure or authorization, demonstrate the intention to reside in Ontario, have and maintain legal status in Ontario, and demonstrate a connection to Ontario through current or previous employment, job offers, education, volunteer work, lease agreements, professional networks, family ties, and previous visits to Ontario.

Example of Oinp International Student Stream 2024

Give you a number of examples to serve as a guide for your Oinp Draw 2024 situation.

Ontario Masters Graduate Stream – OINP NonEE Timeline

1Provincial nomination stage

  • 2022.10.13 into the pool EOI
  • 2022.10.25 Invitation
  • 2022.11.3 Submit
  • 2023.1.16 Received the nomination letter Nominee Certificate

Update Passport | Federal Stage

  • 2023.3.6 Submit to the Federation
  • 2023.4.5 Received FN and fingerprint letters
  • 2023.4.6 Linked IRCC
  • 2023.11.21 Physical Examination Letter
  • 2023.11.23 PAL An Jiaxin
  • 2023.12.9 МЕР
  • 2024.1.15 Portal 1 Reply to the email on the same day
  • 2024.1.17 Portal 2
  • 2024.1.24 Ecorp
  • 2024.3.11 I received an email saying that my photo is incorrect size
  • 2024.3.14 Go to reshoot + upload
  • 2024.3.21 PR Card Approved
  • 2024.3.25 Mailed
  • 2024.4.2 Received PR card

Another example of Oinp Draw 2024 International Students Stream:

Provincial stage 2023

  • 06.06 Provincial nomination was picked
  • 06.17 Submission of materials
  • 09.06 Provincial nomination approved

Federal stage 2024

  • 01.31 Receive FN and fingerprint letters on the same day link account
  • 02.09 Fingerprint completed
  • 02.23 Received Anjia’s letter
  • 03.12 Medical examination completed
  • 03.14 BV completed, tracker =4*
  • COPR number appears and enters the final decision stage
  • 03.22 portal 1
  • 04.04 portal 2
  • 04.09 Ecorp

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