Last Minute Cruise Deals from Vancouver: How to Find the Best Offers

If you live in Vancouver or are planning to visit soon, taking a cruise from the city’s port is a fantastic way to see the scenic shores of British Columbia. Cruises from Vancouver offer breathtaking views of coastal rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and local wildlife. The problem is that cruises, especially during the busy summer season, can be quite expensive if you book far in advance.

The good news is that you can often find last minute cruise deals from Vancouver that offer significant savings. Cruise lines want to fill any remaining empty cabins as sail dates approach, so they frequently drop prices for last minute bookings. Here are some tips to help you find the best last minute cruise deals from Vancouver.

Check Multiple Cruise Boards and Travel Sites

Don’t just stick to one cruise line’s website. Check major cruise boards like CruiseCritic, Expedia Cruises, and Travelocity Cruises which track deals across many lines. Also look at discount travel sites like LastMinuteTravel and VacationsToGo. By checking multiple sites, you have the best chance of finding a bargain basement rate on an upcoming Vancouver cruise.

Be Flexible with Your Dates

If you have a flexible schedule, you’ll have an easier time finding a good last minute deal. Cruise rates are often the lowest at the very last minute, within a week or two of the sail date. If possible, avoid booking too far in advance as well as the most popular summer months of July and August. The shoulder months of May, June and September typically see lower prices and smaller crowds.

Consider a Repositioning Cruise

Cruise lines often run repositioning cruises in the spring and fall as they move their ships to new homeports for the summer and winter seasons. These cruises usually offer deep discounts as the lines want to fill cabins that would otherwise be empty during the repositioning voyage. Late April, May, September and October are popular months for repositioning cruises along Canada’s west coast.

Be Flexible with Your Destination

If you’re open to different destinations, you’ll have more opportunities to find a last minute deal. While cruises to Alaska are always popular in the summer, consider other options like a coastal cruise to Seattle and San Francisco, a cruise to Hawaii in the fall or winter, or a Panama Canal transit cruise. Shorter cruises to Victoria, BC and along British Columbia’s Inside Passage also often see last minute discounts.

Check Upgrade Opportunities

When booking at the last minute, you have a good chance of being offered cabin upgrades at a lower cost. Cruise lines would rather upgrade passengers to empty higher category cabins than sail with them empty. So when you find a last minute cruise deal from Vancouver that interests you, check with the cruise line directly to inquire about any upgrade offers to a balcony or suite cabin. You may be able to secure an upgrade for hundreds less than the usual upcharge.

With some flexibility and persistence, you can find excellent last minute cruise deals from Vancouver that allow you to experience a memorable cruise vacation at a fraction of the regular price. Stay up to date on the latest offers and be ready to book when a deal on your desired cruise is released. Following these tips will help ensure you land the absolute best last minute cruise rates from Vancouver. Happy cruising!

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