Kelowna – Vancouver 3-5 Days RV Road Trip

Since mid-March 2024, the weather has been getting warmer. The spring break and long weekend are approaching. We planned a 3-5 day RV road trip to Kelowna. Route: From Vancouver, drive through Manning Provincial Park and Hope, then follow the Trans-Canada Highway to Kelowna.

Places of Highlighting

Okanagan Lake, Kelowna, BC

  • One of Kelowna’s famous attractions, the lake is clear and surrounded by pleasant scenery.
  • Don’t miss out on various activities by Okanagan Lake, including lakeside walks, fishing🎣, and boating.
Okanagan Lake

Mission Hill Winery, 1730 Mission Hill Rd, West Kelowna

One of Canada’s prestigious wineries. The wines here are highly acclaimed, and visitors can participate in wine tastings and tours of the winery. The architecture of the winery and the surrounding scenery are also worth admiring.

Myra Canyon Trail ,1869 McCulloch Rd, Kelowna

Features a flat trail with 18 distinctive wooden trestle bridges and 2 tunnels. Along the way, you can enjoy magnificent views of the canyon and the distant Okanagan Lake. It’s great for both hiking and biking!

Kangaroo Creek Farm, 5932 Old Vernon Rd, Kelowna

Home to four species of kangaroos 🦘, where interaction is encouraged. Visitors can pet and feed the kangaroos. A must-visit attraction along the way.

Osoyoos Desert Centerx

On horseback riding, we ventured deep into the desert region. We had booked in advance with Guilded Trail Rides (Note: Advanced booking required as they need time to prepare the horses with saddles and such according to the bookings).

Guilded Trail Rides

We opted for the Gold Mine Trail at 6:00 PM, with a riding time of approximately 1.5 hours and a cost of $105 per person. As another way to delve into the desert, it’s still worth experiencing. Drawbacks: The entire journey was dusty, which I hadn’t anticipated. Additionally, the horses maintained a slow pace throughout, and the scenery seemed somewhat monotonous.

Spend Three Days In Kelowna

Day 1 Mission Hill Winery

Lunch: Bamboo Chopsticks. The fried tofu is very fragrant and worth ordering! Overall taste is very good, after all, chain stores usually don’t disappoint.

After lunch, we headed to the most important agenda of the day: Mission Hill Winery. You can choose between pure wine tasting or dining. We prefer tasting, opting for the $40 option. Although it was a bit pricey for our taste, the restaurant’s scenery was beautiful, and we’d like to try lunch there next time.

After finishing at the winery, we went to City Park in downtown for a stroll along the riverbank. The famous Instagram-worthy ice cream parlor, Parlour, is also in this area. We visited for two consecutive days, and we highly recommend the blueberry cheesecake and peanut chocolate flavors. Dinner was at Tokyo 1, a Japanese restaurant with high Google ratings. The sashimi and sushi were decent, but the dumplings were too salty, so we don’t recommend them.

Day 2 Myra Canyon Park

We departed early for Myra Canyon Park. It’s a must-visit with a total of 18 suspension bridges, offering truly spectacular views! At the entrance, you can rent bikes for $48 per person. We suggest making reservations online in advance, but since we visited on a non-holiday, we could also rent on-site. The total biking time is four hours, and our round trip took about three hours.

After returning to downtown for lunch, we weren’t very satisfied with the options, so we don’t recommend any particular place. Later, we went to Erica Jane Restaurant near the waterfront for happy hour, where oysters were only $2 each! Though small, they were very fresh! The ambiance was also great, and after finishing, we took a stroll along the waterfront.

For dinner, you can go to the adjacent Cactus Bar for a drink. The menu items are generally good, and there’s a happy hour after 9 p.m., where you can enjoy the river view.

Day 3 Kangaroo Creek Farm

– In the morning, we went to OEB for dining, a place where you usually have to queue up in Burnaby and Vancouver. Surprisingly, we got in without waiting and ordered three dishes, all of which were good. Their poutine is famous and tasted good too, but it got a bit overwhelming due to the large amount of potatoes.

rv road trip

After checking out, we visited Kangaroo Creek Farm, recommended by many people.
Initially, we weren’t very interested, but once we arrived, we found the baby kangaroos to be incredibly cute! You can even feed the capybaras! It was truly therapeutic— an activity suitable for both adults and children. Afterward, we slowly made our way back, stopping by the town of Hope on the return journey. Everyone can also explore the surrounding small towns at their leisure.

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