All About imm5709 Restoration of Status

If you want to renew your Study Permit or apply for restoration of status in Canada, you must fill out form IMM5709E. The content of this form is subject to change, so it’s best to download it directly from the official website to make sure you have the latest version.

Once you have filled in the form, click on the “Validate” button. If there are any errors in the form, the system will automatically highlight them using a red box. Please make the necessary corrections as per the prompt. Once all the contents are verified, the barcode will be generated automatically. You can then save the final file and upload it. There is no need to scan the barcode after printing.

To ensure that the form opens correctly, please use Adobe’s PDF reader. If you try to open the form directly in a browser, it may display a “Please Wait…” message. The UCI number is a string of numbers located in the upper right corner of the old, large signature. We recommend that you keep the completed documents, particularly the visa application history section, in a safe place. This information can be used as a reference for future applications, such as a graduation work visa (PGWP). Keeping this information organized will make it easier to sort out later.

How To Find The UCI number


How To Find DLI Number


Form Filling QA

imm5709LANGUAGE”: Have you ever taken an English or French language proficiency test at an official testing center? Only IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, or similar language proficiency tests are considered. If you have achieved a passing grade on any of these tests, please select “Yes”. On-campus language courses do not count as proficiency tests, so if you have only taken language classes at school, please choose “No”.

Please enter the date and place where you first entered Canada as a student. This information is important for record-keeping purposes. If you have previously entered Canada as a tourist or for business, you do not need to provide this information. You might find this question confusing if you came to Canada on a business visa, but rest assured that it only applies to students entering Canada for the first time. After multiple inquiries, it was finally confirmed that this question does not apply to individuals who entered Canada for business or tourist purposes.

imm5709 DETAILS OF INTENDED STUDY IN CANADA Please take note of the following details for your intended study in Canada:

  • – Estimated learning time
  • – Start time: Your start time must be earlier than the expiration time of your old visa. For instance, if your old semester expired on July 31, then you can enter your start time in June or July to ensure that you remain a legal student in Canada.
  • – End time: You should add three months to the expected graduation time on the Offer. If the Offer states that you will graduate on April 31, you should fill in July 31. This is because immigration does not automatically give you an extra three months.


Have you applied to enter or remain in Canada before? Answer: Yes.

Please note that since you are applying for a renewal visa, you must have previously applied to enter Canada. To provide this information, you can simply describe your previous entry to Canada. For instance, you may state that you applied for a study visa in July 2023, entered Canada in August 2023, and applied for your study permit to study. However, if you have previously visited Canada for tourism or business purposes, please provide a brief description of your previous trip to Canada. You may use the writing template provided in the picture (which unfortunately cannot be displayed here due to character limitations) to describe your previous entry to Canada.

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