FREE Family Day At Museum of Vancouver

Museum of Vancouver is family friendly for bringing your kids. It’s a great place to Canadian families. The Museum is near Space Center, Vancouver Maritime Museum, Vancouver Academy of Music, Kitsilano’s beachfront!

The Vancouver Museum is located in the Kitsilano neighborhood, at the south end of Vanier Park. There is a sense of relaxation in the park, on the beach, and in the large grassy area, where people are everywhere strolling and walking their dogs.

On February 19th 2024, Family Day, Museum of Vancouver is free, drop in, no need to register, open from 10:00-17:00. There will also be a paddle carving event that day (11:00-16:00)!


Aboriginal Culture

Vancouver of Museum Vancouver’s history: Aboriginal culture, forests and people, Vancouver history from 1900-1920, and the years of depression and war from 1930-1940, 1950s when Vancouver went boom.

The 1900s-1920s history exhibit presented the living conditions of early Chinese immigrants in Vancouver. Interestingly I saw a poster of the government urging people to wear masks during the Black Death epidemic back then. Comparing it to the 2019 epidemic, it was like seeing the wheel of history back.


At the Aboriginal exhibit, it was as if it was knocking on the door of everyone who lives in Vancouver: whose home is the city of Vancouver? How do newcomers claim Vancouver as their own?

Museum of Vancouver Chinese Immigrants

Whether they are Anglo-French immigrants, Chinese immigrants or immigrants of other ethnicities, they do not own the land. Aboriginal people are rarely seen in our lives. What kind of life they are leading, we can learn from the media and books. What have they encountered on this land? We can only find out from the historical artifacts and collections from long ago.


The Famous Crab Sculpture

“Recommended for everyone! Yes, recognize the crab sculpture! This entryway goes in, Space Center on the left and the Vancouver Museum on the right, both recommended strolls!


The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) features diverse exhibits, including displays on Indigenous history, urban development, and contemporary issues. It offers a unique perspective on the city’s evolution and cultural richness. Explore artifacts, photographs, and interactive installations to delve into Vancouver’s vibrant story.

The Museum of Vancouver traces its roots back to the Vancouver Art, Historical, and Scientific Association, which was founded in 1894. Initially, the association operated from various locations until it found a permanent home in the historic former courthouse building in 1905. The museum expanded its focus beyond fine arts and science to include a broader exploration of Vancouver’s history and culture.

Over the years, the museum underwent several transformations and changes in its name. It officially became the Museum of Vancouver in 2009, reflecting its commitment to representing the city’s rich heritage and contemporary issues.

In addition to its exhibitions, the Museum of Vancouver actively engages with the community through various programs and initiatives. It hosts public lectures, workshops, and panel discussions that invite experts and community members to share their perspectives on Vancouver’s history and contemporary issues. The museum also collaborates with local organizations and individuals to create community-driven exhibitions and projects.

The MOV is committed to inclusivity and strives to incorporate diverse voices and stories in its programming. It actively collaborates with Indigenous communities, cultural groups, and marginalized communities to ensure a more comprehensive representation of Vancouver’s history and heritage.

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