Costco Credit Card Trip Cancellation Insurance Experienced

The extensive range of travel insurance products offered by Costco and the positive customer experience, so many people are purchasing Costco’s travel insurance through their credit cards. During a trip, unforeseen circumstances may arise that lead to changes in the itinerary. So, what is Costco Credit Card Trip Cancellation Insurance policy? Below are two examples to help everyone understand Costco’s travel insurance cancellation claim policy.

Obtain Full Compensation For Canceling Family Trip Due To Illness

Unfortunately, our family caught a bad cold and fever just two days before our planned trip to Cancun, which was booked through Costco Travel and paid for with Chase Sapphire Reserve. We wanted to cancel the trip, but according to Costco travel policy, we could not get a refund for the hotel, resulting in a loss of around $2000, as full refunds are only given if the cancellation is made two weeks in advance. We contacted the Chase credit card customer service, and while they still need to provide a clear response, they advised us to submit a claim.

Despite the uncertainty, we decided to pursue the claim. We immediately sought medical advice from our family doctor, who provided a note advising against travel due to severe cold. We also took a COVID test at CVS on the same day to obtain evidence. After confirming with Chase’s insurance customer service that COVID was covered under the travel insurance, we submitted the claim.

After a review period of 10 business days, we received full compensation, covering the hotel and flight losses. This experience has proven that CSR’s travel insurance is reliable and compensates for the losses, making up for several years’ annual fees. The key point is that according to the Costco travel policy, full refunds are only available if the cancellation is made two weeks in advance.

Flight Cacelled Reimbursement of Expenses 100% Covered

Ensure reimbursement for expenses resulting from the cancellation of a North American flight by a credit card company. During the Christmas period last year, our flight from San Diego to Seattle was canceled due to severe weather conditions across the US, forcing us to stay in San Diego for 5 days.

Costco Credit Card Trip Cancellation Insurance

Remembering about the flight cancellation reimbursement insurance that comes with our credit card, we explored the reimbursement process for our expenses. First, we made sure to keep all receipts for accommodation, meals, taxis, and any other related expenses.

In my case, the main expenses for reimbursement were accommodation, meals, and transport. I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) credit card to purchase three tickets for the family from the Chase rewards website, and we also used my husband’s credit card for some of the expenses incurred during our stay in San Diego. In total, we spent over $1500 on accommodation, meals, and transport during our forced stay in San Diego.

As per the CSP credit card benefits, the trip delay reimbursement limit is $500 per person, so ultimately, I successfully reclaimed $1500. The entire reimbursement process was quite straightforward. I filled in all the basic information on the claims online website and uploaded the receipts and flight purchase evidence. The only time-consuming part was obtaining the flight purchase evidence, as it needed to display the credit card number used for the transaction.

Since I had used credit card points for the purchase on the Chase rewards website, the receipts did not show my credit card number. After contacting the credit card customer service, I finally obtained the required evidence. Once the claims online review was cleared, I chose the direct payment option, and the money was in my account the next day. Due to the large number of applications during the holiday season and the widespread weather impact, the entire process from application to payment took five weeks.

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