Careers at Canada Post: More Than Just Delivering Mail

Canada Post, the official postal service of Canada, employs over 65,000 people across the country. While Canada Post is best known for delivering mail and parcels to over 15 million addresses, they offer many other jobs as well. If you’re looking for a career with a large, historic Canadian company, Canada Post has opportunities in retail, distribution, transportation, finance, marketing, and more.

Retail positions include both part-time and full-time roles at Canada Post retail outlets and kiosks across Canada. Retail clerks and retail associates provide customer service by selling postage, accepting parcels and overseeing financial transactions. These roles interact directly with the public so they require strong communication and customer service skills.

In plants and distribution centers, Canada Post hires material handlers, equipment operators, plant workers and other roles to sort and process mail and parcels. These positions tend to be shift work and require the ability to lift heavy objects and work on your feet for long periods. Strong safety practices are emphasized in these fast-paced, team-based environments.

One of the largest areas of employment is in mail sorting and transportation. Letter carriers and mail collectors are responsible for sorting mail, delivery routes and ensuring timely delivery to all addresses on their route. Carriers spend much of their day walking or driving, so individuals in these roles need to be physically fit and able to operate vehicles. Additional transportation jobs include tractor-trailer operators, depot dispatchers and maintenance managers.

If you have experience in finance, accounting, human resources or technology, Canada Post also has opportunities in their corporate offices. They hire specialists and analysts in areas like marketing, sales, finance, risk management and more. Project managers, process improvement leads and software engineers are often needed to help improve operations and optimize the customer experience.

Canada Post aims to reflect the diversity of Canadian communities, so they hire people from all backgrounds and experiences. While some roles require specific degrees or certifications, for many positions Canada Post provides the necessary training. Benefits include health and dental insurance, vacation and pension plans for both full-time and part-time employees.

Working at Canada Post offers a chance to be part of an iconic Canadian brand and serve communities across the country. Beyond just delivering the mail, Canada Post offers rewarding careers in retail, distribution, transportation and their corporate offices. If you’re looking to work for a historic company with locations in nearly every Canadian city and town, a career at Canada Post may be perfect for you. With so many roles to choose from, Canada Post has opportunities for people from all walks of life.

According to Canada Post’s website, pay rates for roles like material handlers, equipment operators, and plant workers range from around $21 – $27 per hour. Actual pay will depend on factors like:

•Specific job and responsibilities – Material handlers typically make around $21-24/hour, equipment operators $22-26/hour, and plant workers the most at $25-27/hour. Plant workers have more responsibilities like operating specialized equipment.

•Location – Pay rates are often higher in areas where the cost of living is higher. Major cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary typically pay on the higher end of the range. Smaller towns may be on the lower end.

•Experience – Employees with several years of prior experience in a similar role can qualify for pay that is higher than the base range. Relevant certifications or training may also help increase pay.

•Shift differentials – Canada Post often offers extra pay for working evenings, overnights and weekends when most people are off. This can add $1-4 per hour to base pay.

•Overtime – When extra hours are available, material handlers, equipment operators and plant workers may have opportunities to work overtime at an increased pay rate. This can significantly increase total compensation.

•Benefits – In addition to salary, Canada Post employees receive benefits like health/dental insurance, paid time off, pension plans, employee discounts and more. Full-time employees get more extensive benefits than part-time.

The majority of material handlers, equipment operators and plant workers in Canada Post facilities are unionized. Their pay rates and any increases are determined through collective bargaining between the union and Canada Post management. While pay varies year to year, Canada Post provides competitive salaries and good opportunities for long-term, stable employment.

The bottom line is that while these jobs pay decent, living wages higher than minimum wage, the roles are quite physically demanding. The pay ranges, however, do provide for solid middle-income jobs and careers. The benefits and job security at Canada Post are appealing to many as well. The compensation is fair for the work required.

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