Buildex Vancouver Building Materials Exhibition 2024

2024 Canadian Building Materials Exhibition BUILDEX VANCOUVER
Exhibition time: February 14th – February 15th, 2024
Venue: Canada – Vancouver Convention Center West
Period: Once a year



Buildex Vancouver, organized by Indore Exhibitions Group, will be the 34th time of BUILDEX Vancouver, which has grown to be the largest exhibition of its kind in the western part of the country in 2024. The show has grown to become the largest of its kind in western Canada, with over 14,000 delegates, 425 associations, 100 speakers and more than 60 seminars held each year, and continues to grow.

Why Vancouver?

British Columbia, of which Vancouver is currently experiencing one of its strongest economic expansions. British Columbia’s business environment is currently the most favorable for trade and commerce in Canada.

  • Another very favorable economic condition in Vancouver is the very competitive tax policy. KPMG has recognized Vancouver as one of the KPMG ranked Vancouver as having the best business tax environment in the world for 2010 and 2011.
  • Vancouver’s urban infrastructure is booming.
    2023 attracted more than 300 exhibitors with more than 600 products on display at the show. More than 100 international exhibitors. Highly qualified visitors… Knowledge exhibitors continue to participate. Most of the companies will achieve good exhibition results.

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, with a population of about 35 million. Canada has a highly developed economy and is the eighth largest economy in the world.
A member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the G8, and one of the world’s top ten trading nations, Canada’s economy is highly internationalized.
In recent years, Canada has implemented an open immigration policy, and by the late 21st century 30s, the entrance to Canada will exceed 40 million. Population growth will drive the demand and prosperity of the construction market. Ontario plans to invest $130 billion in public infrastructure over the next 10 years, and the construction industry in Canada was valued at $293 billion in 2015. The construction industry contributes 6% to the GDP of Canada, which is now the seventh largest construction market in the world and is expected to rise to fifth by 2020. The construction market in Canada is valued at US$125 billion and is the backbone of the country’s domestic industry, accounting for more than 10% of the overall GDP, and it directly provides about 15% of the employment opportunities in the society as a whole.

Buildex Vancouver

Canada is considered to be one of the largest residential and infrastructure development markets in the world. For more than a decade, the infrastructure and construction industry in Canada has witnessed massive growth, with more than 50 skyscrapers being built in the cities of Toronto, and Calgary. In addition, CIC has supported the launch of 6,500 projects, built and repaired thousands of kilometers of new highways and classified roads across the country, encouraged builders and contractors to outsource their state-of-the-art equipment and building materials, and implemented the $33 billion Build CIC program over seven years. The Canadian government encourages the importation of building materials, and sourcing inexpensive and quality building materials from developing countries is becoming more and more of a trend. It is promising for Chinese enterprises to develop the construction market in Canada.

Scope of Exhibits

Comprehensive building materials: ceramics, ceramic tiles, stone, countertops, mosaics, steel, steel structures, non-ferrous metals, heating and air-conditioning, radiators, water heaters and ancillary equipment, piping systems, wood, cement, concrete, glass, gypsum, sealing materials, flooring and carpets, female court paper and wall panels inlaid, wall panels, flooring, aluminum extrusions, composite panels, PV panels, heat insulation, waterproofing materials, paint spraying materials, adhesive materials, filler materials, and so on. The materials include: adhesive materials, filler materials, plastic materials, building hardware and accessories, valves, fasteners, standard parts, nails and wire mesh;
Interior decoration: sanitary ware products, plumbing hardware, water nozzles; indoor lights and other lighting products, home lighting; all kinds of furniture, security alarm systems and protection systems, home automation, theater remote control systems, building products and structures, roofing, engineering pipe networks, fire safety systems, building technology, and so on.
Construction machinery: excavation machinery, and earth moving machinery, construction vehicles, construction equipment and tools, reinforced concrete processing equipment, mining excavation equipment, scaffolding, lifting and transportation equipment, concrete and slurry mixing, tunneling equipment and machinery, drilling rigs, piling rigs, pile drivers, compactors, and so on. Drilling rigs, pile drivers, pile extractors, compactors, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, testing equipment, stone processing machinery and equipment, and double-treatment products.

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