Are Yellow Potatoes The Same As Yukon Gold Potatoes

No, yellow potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes are not exactly the same. Some key differences:

• Origin: Yukon gold potatoes were developed in the Yukon territory of Canada, specifically for the cold climate. Yellow potatoes have a wider origin and are grown in many places.

• Size: Yukon gold potatoes tend to be larger than regular yellow potatoes. They can grow quite large, up to 5 pounds, due to the long growing season. Yellow potatoes come in a range of sizes.

• Starch content: Yukon gold potatoes have an exceptionally high starch content, which gives them a light and fluffy texture when cooked. Yellow potatoes have a typical starch content for russet-type potatoes.

• Flavor: Yukon gold potatoes tend to be more nutty and buttery in flavor due to their origin. Yellow potatoes can vary more in flavor depending on the specific variety and how they are grown.

• Hardiness: Yukon gold potatoes are very cold hardy, able to survive Yukon winters. Regular yellow potatoes are hardy but not as cold tolerant.

• Price: Due to their smaller scale production and uniqueness, Yukon gold potatoes typically command a higher price than regular yellow potatoes.

• Uses: Yukon gold potatoes are prized for baking, as they get light and fluffy. Yellow potatoes are used more generally for baking, mashing, French frying, and other potato purposes.

So in summary, while yellow potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes are both starchy russet-type potatoes, they differ in origin, size, starch content, flavor, hardiness, price, and specific uses. Yukon gold potatoes have some unique qualities due to being developed in the extreme Yukon climate.

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